World’s Finest 201 – Superman begs to be spanked


A really great Neal Adams cover for World’s Finest 201 (March 1971), but the O’Neil, Dillin and Giella story doesn’t really live up to it.


Superman and Green Lantern get into a spat over a rescue, both feeling the other interfered.  Their fight is interrupted by a Guardian of the Universe, who insists the two heroes must address the problem, and determine who has precedence once and for all.


Both heroes prepare for the contest.  Green Arrow cameos, showing little faith in Hal.


For no really clear reason, the Guardian has Dr. Fate there, constructing the challenge, but neither hero questions this at all – yet.


In the challenge, Green Lantern gets confronted by a big scary yellow spider.


But the highpoint of the issue comes as Superman faces a giant, disapproving Jor-El, who spanks him as Superman begs for more.


The heroes triumph over their personal issues, and reach the dragon, which flies free, and right past the Justice League satellite, to the surprise of the Atom and Hawkman.


Green Lantern and Superman work together to defeat the dragon.


And by this point they have also figured out that Dr. Fate is not Dr. Fate.  They shatter his illusion, revealing Felix Faust, who had also created the illusion of the Guardian.

Superman and Green Lantern decide to be buddies and not spat like children.

This was Felix Faust’s first appearance since his battle against the Justice League in 1966, and he would return the following to challenge the League again.



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