World’s Finest 202 – bye bye to the robots


Superman and Batman are re-untied for World’s Finest 202 (May 1971), and Batman would continue to appear every three or four issues through this period of the book.


The story, by O’Neil, Dillin and Giella, opens with Lois Lane on assignment in the Middle East, finding Superman an apparently mindless slave of a bandit leader.


An archaeological dig is the setting for much of this, but the story is really quite technological in nature.  Batman goes in search of Lois, finds Superman, but is defeated by him.


Because, you see, Batman was not facing Superman, he was facing a Superman robots.  Due to the pollution in the atmosphere, the robots delicate circuits no longer can be relied upon.  Superman has been decommissioning them.


So he flies down to save Batman and Lois, and stop the runaway robot.  But all this fighting in the tomb awakens the monster!


And I have to give Dillin and Giella credit, the emergence of the Tomb-Thing does look great.


But in the end, it turns out to be yet another malfunctioning robot.

Considering that this story was written with the purpose of writing out the Superman robots, it did so in a very entertaining way.



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