World’s Finest 204 – Superman and Wonder Woman fight to save the future


Superman teams with the powerless Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, in a story by O’Neil, Dillin and Giella in World’s Finest 204 (Aug. 71).


The story opens with Perry White sending Clark Kent on an assignment about dating services.  Clark protests that he is a television newscaster now, but Perry insists.


In an equally bizarre scene, I Ching signs Diana Prince up for a dating site.  Of course, Clark and Diana wind up assigned to each other.


They are threatened by muggers, and Diana shows off her martial arts skills, taking the guys down while Clark stands off to the side, admiring.


The pair then get whisked to the future.  Diana gets dropped to the sidelines as a super-computer explains to Superman that he arranged the whole dating thing to get the two of them to where the time beams would be.  Odd, then, that the computer has no interest in addressing Diana Prince.  Anyway, it goes on to explain that they need to save the life of a student at an upcoming riot.  His death will doom the world.


Before they go to save an innocent’s life, Superman and Diana Prince almost kiss.  Darn it!


They do save one student, but another gets shot and dies.  Superman seems to have lost his mind, wondering if they saved the right one.

Some good things in it, but Diana’s role was very sidekick.


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