World’s Finest 207 – Clark Kent hires killers to take out Superman


Batman returns in World’s Finest 207 (Nov. 71), in a story by Len Wein, Dick Dillin and Joe Giella.


The story has quite the memorable opening, as Clark Kent hires some hitmen to take out Superman, and provides them with a magic weapon capable of doing so.


Clark is aware of missing time in his day, and asks Batman to follow him.  All is normal, until Clark suddenly falls under a spell again.


Clark “lures” Superman to the location of the hit, while Batman trails.  The killers have a self-tightening net that they bind him with, while using the magic wand against Superman.


Only when the heroes are bound does the true villain reveal himself – Dr. Light.  The hitmen have no interest in turning their weapons back over to him, but he had expected that, and kills them off.  Batman gets free, and tries to attack Light, but finds he is just facing a hologram.


Dr. Light had discovered that magic gave off a type of light energy that he could collect, and he drew power from Zatanna, during her performances.  He also acknowledges, for the first time, his own incompetence.  He blames no one but himself for all his previous failures against the Justice League.  And this scheme, using intermediaries, has worked better than any of his previous ones.  But the story does conclude with Dr. Light having to use his own weapons against Superman and Batman, and once again he messes up his own plan.


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