World’s Finest 208 – Superman seeks help from Dr. Fate


Superman decides that he is just not powerful enough in this Wein, Dillin and Giella story from World’s Finest 208 (Dec. 71).


Superman is not immune to magic, and after an encounter with a magic user, wonders if there is a way to immunize himself.  He approaches Zatanna first, but this is beyond her abilities.  So he crosses dimensions, heading to Earth 2 and seeks out Dr. Fate.  This is one of the very few stories that shows Kent Nelson acting as a physician.


Dr. Fate brings Superman to his tower in Salem, but his quest gets put aside as they deal with a comatose alien, warning of danger, and magical aliens who are trying to recreate the Pangaea, to draw the mystical energy from Earth.


No dragon for Superman this time, but he does face off against a cool looking sand giant.


The heroes prevail, as Dr. Fate creates magical chains that Superman uses to restore the continents to their normal locations.

As it turned out, the only reason they could defeat the aliens was Superman’s susceptibility to magic, and he decides to decline Dr. Fate’s offer to remove it.


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