World’s Finest 209 – Superman and Hawkman meet the Tempter


An interesting opponent for Superman and Hawkman is introduced in World’s Finest 209 (Feb. 72), the Tempter.  This is magical foe, who sends most of his time invisible, prompting people unaware of his existence towards acting on their impulses.


Mike Friedrich scripts, with Dillin and Giella on the art.  Superman is the Tempter’s real target, but he begins small, building a web of anger and misunderstandings.  In fact, the amount of lies and confusion in the story makes it difficult to summarize, but it’s all clear as day when proceeding through it.


The Tempter builds up the situation by going after Hawkman and Hawkgirl, as well as Lois Lane.  Everyone becomes distrustful of each other, and Friedrich spins his web well.


And Hawkgirl, while not one of the major characters in the story, is still given more to do than many writers give her at this time.


Once the Tempter has made Superman believe that everyone is working against him, he moves in for the kill, so to speak, trying to get Superman to destroy Midway City in his rage.  And though Superman is vulnerable to magic, he is still in control of his mind and actions, and holds off the Tempter through force of will.

The Tempter has only appeared a couple of times since this story, and his next appearance was not until the millenium.


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