World’s Finest 211 – Batman’s super-powers


Great Neal Adams cover on World’s Finest 211 (May 1972), simple yet effective.


It does not completely match the story inside, by O’Neil, Dillin and Giella.  Two aliens come to Earth, acting pretty hostile and aggressive.  Superman and Batman meet with them, and learn that they are tracking one of their own, who is hiding out on Earth.


Batman leads the hunt, but can find no trace of the woman.  He gets Supergirl to send him into Kandor, where he finds her.  She tells him of her warlike world, and that the aliens hunting for her are also an advance guard checking out Earth for conquest.


Superman is kept off to the side for much of this story, running errands for the aliens, then apparently getting killed.


But he takes Batman’s place for the big finale, as “Batman” shows off his mighty powers, and convinces the aliens that all people from Earth are similarly powered.

This story gets re-written in these pages a few years down the road.


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