World’s Finest 213 – Superman and the Atom and the world inside the telephone


The Atom and Superman head on a science fiction adventure on a microscopic world in the story by Maggin, Dillin and Giella in World’s Finest 213 (Sept. 72).


Ray Palmer wants to consult with Superman on an experiment that he is working on.  He calls Clark Kent, travelling through the telephone line, as the Atom likes to do.  But this time he gets sucked into an energy blob.


Superman uses a Kandorian shrinking ray to enter the telephone and hunt for the Atom.


They get into an adventure on a very tiny world that is being threatened by a genesis molecule.  The people who live on the world are simply trying to survive, and though Superman and the Atom help them, this is a relatively bleak story.


The end of the tale makes Ray Palmer come off as a cold and emotionless scientist, which really isn’t his character at all, but let’s Superman appear more compassionate.


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