World’s Finest 214 – Vigilante and the western werewolf (and Superman, too)


Although World’s Finest 214 (Nov. 72) opens with Clark Kent heading out west for a story, Skeates, O’Neil, Dillin and Giella serve up what is basically a Vigilante story, with Superman and Batman on the edges.  Vigilante was having a bit of a revival at the time, and was appearing in Adventure Comics.


Clark interviews the Vigilante, but the focus gets taken by a young werewolf boy and his girlfriend, as well as those hunting him.


Vigilante spends the story immersed with these people.  The werewolf boy is played as a tragic figure, and it’s a solid story.


Superman flies away with a reel of film and goes to see Batman, who confirms the werewolf element.  Which Superman would have known if he’d just stuck around.


Superman returns as werewolf boy goes out of control, but it’s the Vigilante who defeats the monster, shooting him with a silver bullet.

This is the last of the alternating Superman team-ups.  Few stories from this run were really notable, but the concept would return for a more successful run beginning in the late 70s, under the title DC Comics Presents.


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