World’s Finest 215 – the Super-Sons begin


With World’s Finest 215 (Dec/Jan 72/73) the Super-Sons begin a series that will run sporadically in this book over the next few years, alternating with stories of the Superman/Batman team.


Bob Haney, Dick Dillin and Harry Scarpelli bring back the sons of Superman and Batman, last seen in the late 60s.  They now appear to be right on the verge of adulthood, and the stories will deal with father/son issues along this dynamic.  The mothers of the boys are never clearly identified in these stories, and only cameo from time to time.


This story has Superman upset that Clark Kent Jr is using his powers to fight crime, and Batman furious when he learns that Bruce Jr stole his costume and went to fight crime, but messed up.


The two boys each run away, angered and frustrated.


Superman and Batman decide that the boys have to learn sometime, but don’t want to risk letting them loose in a real city, so they build a fake city and populate it with androids.


The Super-Sons then deal with the mob war in the phony city.  They triumph, but of course nothing has “really” happened.


The scene with their faked deaths is really weird, when you consider that they are trying to fool robots, and play on their “fears.”  At the end, we are told that the real mob boss conveniently died of a heart attack while the events in the fake city were going on.


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