World’s Finest 219 – Superman and Batman on the trail of Nazi gold, and Metamorpho gets explosive


Haney, Dillin and Giacoia begin a 2-part story that sends Superman and Batman south of the border in World’s Finest 219 (Sept/Oct 73).


Nazi gold, hidden in South America after the war, has been coming in to the US, and Superman and Batman are asked to find its source.


The track very quickly leads them to a swamp monster, who found the treasure and wants to use it to help the poor in the region.  We learn that the monster was once the child of a prominent landowner who was murdered, and everything, including their physical form, was stolen.


A sad story, but Superman and Batman fight against the creature anyway.


When the monster eats some plants that briefly restore it, and it becomes a naked woman, Superman and Batman now believe anything and everything she says.  Very shallow.

The story concludes in the next issue.


Haney and Calnan take the dysfunctional relationships in the Metamorpho series to a highpoint in this story.


A mad bombed keeps attacking Stagg facilities, and Metamorpho keeps finding and defusing the bombs – but Stagg determines that Metamorpho is also the one setting them.  He hates Stagg so much that he is planting bombs in his sleep.

He finds and defuses them, and then all is well.  No one seems to care that Rex has been trying to kill all of them, and may well do so again.  Messed up.




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