World’s Finest 220 – Superman, Batman and the swamp monster, and Metamorpho pauses


Great cover for World’s Finest 220 (Nov/Dec 73), the concluding half of the Nazi gold story by Haney, Dillin and Anderson.


The Nazi gold belongs to the same people who stole the monster’s land and were responsible for her transformation.  While the heroes want to bring the bad guy to justice, the monster demands death.


An interesting double portrait, of the heroine in her pre-monster days.  Showing her as both male and female seems to have some other meaning, but nothing gets developed along those lines.


In the end, the monster sacrifices herself to get the Nazis.  Good, if predictable, story.


Metamorphoo’s series comes to a close, sort of, with this story by Haney and Calnan that sees Sapphire Stagg get kidnapped.


Both here and in Action Comics, this run of Metamorpho captured the look, but never the feel, of the original series.  This story could be told with virtually any hero in the main role.

There is one more story to this run, which gets printed a couple of years down the road.


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