World’s Finest 221 – the Super-Sons have daddy issues


Nice cover for the Super-Sons story in World’s Finest 221 (Jan/Feb 74), but the story itself, by Haney, Dillin and Anderson, isn’t quite represented.


Both Superman Jr and Batman Jr have problems with their fathers, and take off to spend some time together, despite being ordered not to do so by their mothers.  They wind up with a poor street kid, an orhpan who knows his real father is a rich businessman.


The father is glad to see the boy, and takes him in, showering him with wealth.  The Super-Sons insist the dad is shady.  He runs a Caribbean island, and they all head down there.


The man uses slave labour on the island, and the boy is appalled to find his adoptive father there.  He joins the Super-Sons in taking down his real dad, and all the sons have happy family reunions.


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