World’s Finest 225 – Bow Before Satan’s Children! – one of the very first DC comics I owned


World’s Finest 225 (Sept/Oct 74) was the first issue of this book that i owned, and one of the earliest super-hero comics that I read.  I just loved it, and read it many times.  It introduced me to Rip Hunter, the Vigilante and the 1940s Black Canary.  It included a reprint of the classic story in which the Jimmy Olsen/Robin team debuted, and lead off with a supernatural story by Bob Haney, Dick Dillin and Tex Blaisdel.


“Bow Before Satan’s Children ” takes Bruce Wayne to Scotland, and his ancestral home, Castle Wayne.  The castellan, Killbec, warns Bruce about the odd behaviour of the children of the region.


And indeed, before he is even shown to his room the first night a boy tries to lead him to his death.


Superman just flies out midway through the story to help out, but this remains primarily a Batman tale.  The birds have an odd virus, and lay eggs with odd markings.  The children get somehow bonded with the birds through contact with the eggs.  It’s never completely explained, but sort of makes sense.


Batman manages to hold off the children with hawks, the natural predators of the birds possessing the kids.  Superman destroys all the weirdly marked eggs.


Or at least that is what he believes.  We see that there are a couple of eggs that he missed.  For many years, I longed for a sequel to this story.

To my great delight, a sequel was published, in Gotham Academy, a couple of weeks after I wrote this entry!



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