World’s Finest 228 – Robin and the Super-Sons


Haney, Dillin and Blaisdel pit Robin against the Super-Sons for the succession to Batman in World’s Finest 228 (March 1975).


Batman dies while on a case, and Dick Grayson returns for the funeral.  This is the first and only story of Batman Jr that includes Robin.  They quarrel over who gets to become Batman now that Bruce is dead.


The bulk of the fortune gets left to someone neither man has heard of, a whaler from the arctic.  When someone tries to kill Batman Jr and Robin with a harpoon, they head north to investigate.


They uncover a smuggling operation.  I don’t really care for this story.  I never really thought Batman was dead, and he isn’t.  The will was just to lure the boys up there, and give them a direction to look.  I do enjoy the supposedly dead body inside the iceberg bear.

But why would Batman cause all the friction between the boys, if not to actively pit them against each other, and make them fight it out over who gets to inherit the Bat-title?


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