World’s Finest 229 – a reprint, and Metamorpho ends


A very deceptive cover for World’s Finest 229 (April 1975).


There is no hint that the Superman/Batman story contained in this issue is a reprint of a classic tale.


The Metamorpho story, by Haney and Calnan, is new.  I’m not certain if it was done specifically for this issue, or was left over when the format changed to the giant size.  I suspect the latter.


This story appears to be about someone murdering people who resemble Simon Stagg.  But when Metamorpho lays a trap for the killer, he finds an alien, killing at random.


As with the rest of this run, the story is ok, but nothing special.

The ending bills Metamorpho’s upcoming appearance in his own book.  In fact, it was in issue 3 of First Issue Special, a couple months down the road.


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