World’s Finest 230 – the Super-Sons and the Mayan city


The Super-Sons go on an archaeological dig in the Haney, Swan and Blaisdel story from World’s Finest 230 (May 1975).


The opening is quite funny, as Superman and Batman plot together to get their boys out of their hair.


They are accompanying a noted archaeologist and his son.  The man gained fame for finding another lost Mayan village years earlier.


They find the city, which is ruled by a supposed Mayan, and his princess daughter.  In fact, this was the believed-to-be-dead former partner of the archaeologist, who took the fame and glory and left the other to perish.  The son and daughter fall in love, complicating things.  But the best stuff is the use of Mayan architecture as deadly traps.


It’s only when the kids almost die that the two archaeologists stop fighting with each other.  Better than a lot of the Supers-Sons stories.


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