World’s Finest 231 – the Super-Sons jail their fathers


Haney, Dillin and Blaisdel wander into the bizarre in World’s Finest 231 (July 1975).


The Super-Sons decide that their fathers’ good deeds are really detrimental to mankind, and actually prosecute them in a courtroom.  Superman and Batman are found guilty, and agree to imprisonment, promising not to break out.


The boys feel bad about their actions, though the hypocrisy escapes them, even when they go into action themselves.


They team up with Green Arrow and the Flash, and later Aquaman, all of whom make the boys realize that being a hero has value.  Like, duh.


The boys suspect that these other heroes are really Superman and Batman in disguise.  Batman Jr tugs on Green Arrow’s beard, but it’s real.

That moment is sort of killed when we find out that Superman and Batman were, indeed, impersonating the other heroes all the way until the end of the story.


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