World’s Finest 233 – the Super-Sons vs feminists


Oh, this is one of those shameful ones.  And it suffers from having the big reveal take place on the cover of World’s Finest 233 (Oct. 75) as well.


Haney, Dillin and Calnan have the Super-Sons wind up in a town that exclusively female.  There is a strict no-touching policy, laid down by the Sister in charge.  No one seems to pay much attention to the giant eyes.  Not even the Super-Sons.


But the feminists gather at night to worship at a a scary altar, where they communicate with the mysterious sister in charge.


The Super-Sons discover that the “woman” in charge is an alien woman. She is ugly, and hates all beautiful women.  She has a serum that is slowly turning her village of followers into creatures like herself, so that everyone will be ugly.  The only cure is a man’s touch, which will restore their beauty.

Yeah, wow.

So Superman Jr picks up the monolith, which is in fact a spaceship, and pounds the alien with it.


Then Bruce Jr gets to kiss all the women, in order to cure them.  Embarrassing.


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