World’s Finest 235 – Superman and Batman vs Sagittarius


The problem with the popular Capricorn story from a few years earlier was that there was no real way to follow up on it.  An attempt is made by Haney, Dillin and Calnan in World’s Finest 235 (Jan. 76), but it just feels like a poor version of the original.


After a pointless opening in which Morgan Edge snaps the head off a Superman doll, to justify the cover, the story gets into Superman and Batman tracking down a blackmailer, Lazlo Trask.  He is the same person as the popular nightclub psychic, Sagittarius.


This villain has no problem going right up to Clark Kent an announcing his knowledge of Superman’s identity.  The exact opposite of Capricorn, really, but it gives the villain and hero a chance to confront each other.


And despite being such a dangerous person, Sagittarius is given a tragic element, with a dead son whose powers he took on.


As with Capricorn, the villain is killed off as the story ends.  But this time the heroes know he is dead.  So even that haunting ending is missed.

While Capricorn would stay a mysterious failure, Sagittarius was a forgettable one-shot.


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