World’s Finest 237 – Superman and Batman fight giant bugs


This was the third issue of World’s Finest that I bought, number 237 (April 1976).  Quite a while after the first two, and I know it was the giant bugs devouring the city that attracted me to the cover.


Bob Haney, Lee Elias and John Calnan deliver a decent tale, although never as visually exciting as the cover promises.  A metal object containing a deadly sort of alien bird emerges from the ground in Metropolis.  It goes around building a metallic nest, which no one can enter.


Superman and Batman join the attack on the birds, but Superman switches sides.  He has discovered that these are Kryptonian creatures, sent by Jor-El.  A plague of space locusts arrive on Earth, as Jor-El knew they would.  The birds are their only predator.


So Superman helps the birds kill the bugs.  There is damage to the city, but nothing much is made of that.


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