World’s Finest 238 – Superman’s son falls for Lex Luthor’s daughter


World’s Finest 238 (June 1976) features a rare 70’s appearance of the planet Lexor.  Sadly, as a Super-Sons story, it’s not even in continuity.


Superman Jr falls for a pretty girl that they help out on the highway.  She needs two actors for a show she is heading to perform in, at a prison.  The Super-Sons help out, and the girl breaks her father, Lex Luthor, out of jail.


Haney, Dillin and Calnan pull off one of the better Super-Sons stories here.  Lex Luthor had no idea that he had a daughter, but is more than pleased with Ardora (or, I guess, Ardora Jr).


Ardora brought her father back to cure the people of Lexor of a plague of gigantism.  Even Ardora’s namesake mother has been stricken.


The Super-Sons head to Lexor.  Ardora keeps them captive, but eventually frees them to help her father.


And in the end, turns on her dad, forcing him at gunpoint to go with the Super-Sons back to Earth.  It’s a shame there was never a follow up for her, but the Super-Sons had almost run their course by this time.


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