World’s Finest 239 – Superman, Batman and Gold and the aliens


This was an issue I really enjoyed, World’s Finest 239 (July 1976), which featured Gold, of the Metal Men, a team I loved at this point, who had recently been revived in their own book.  Haney, Swan and Calnan were the creative team.


Aliens steal part of farmhouse and a pond, and leave the residents raving mad.  Superman and Batman eventually get the story.


Gold is there, just checking things out.  He is in the plastic mask that the Metal Men use to travel about in public, but it melts and the crowd turns on him, thinking he is an alien.  Not that they would likely be less upset by a sentient android.


The aliens are using satellites, and using them exceptionally well, as the laser from one is used to take out the Batmobile, before Batman can get information to Superman, who has flown off to deal with the wrong aliens.


Gold saves the day by stretching all the way out into space, and to the alien world Superman is on.  He is incredibly thin.  Microscopically, one would think.  But Batman uses him as a basic wire to send Morse code through, getting Superman on the track of the real bad aliens.

Well, it’s an interesting use of Gold, you gotta give it that.


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