World’s Finest 240 – Superman – King of Kandor


I never liked World’s Finest 240 (Sept. 76), by Haney, Dillin and Calnan, and I didn’t know anyone else who did either.


Superman quits and disappears.  Batman wonders where he is, and traces him to Kandor, with the help of Van-Zee, the Kandorian who looks just like Superman.  Van-Zee had not appeared since 1966.


Batman first has to contend with a Superman robot, and we discover that they can still function as long as they remain in the sterile environment of the Fortress of Solitude.  We also see a telepathic cat.


Superman has taken charge in Kandor, running like a tyrant.  Van-Zee and some other Kandorians recruit Batman to kill him.  Batman is reluctant at first, but sees Superman acting like a madman.  So he kills him.


The telepathic cat is revealed as the real villain, but the shocker is Superman coming back to life.  This happened because once his dead body was brought back into the light (although not direct sunlight – they are in the Fortress) it became invulnerable again, and therefore “not dead.”  LAME.

Van-Zee would return a year down the road in Superman Family.


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