World’s Finest 241 – Superman and Batman, lost in space


I bought World’s Finest 241 (Oct. 76) because of the big cyclops on the cover.  I really enjoyed the story, by Haney, Pablo Marcos and Calnan, despite how ridiculous it is.


Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are being sent on a experimental trip into space, along with a rocket commander, a millionaire, a failed rock star, a couple of athletes, a young widow and an ex-con.  Because.  That’s how most NASA missions are assembled as well, I believe.


So anyway, Earth gets destroyed.  It’s just gone, Superman can’t find it anywhere.  So he builds them all a new planet, where they all start acting according to stereotype.


It’s fairly absurd, but I just loved it.


An alien shows up, scaring them all.  He just wants peace and harmony, but then another (the one form the cover, but not as big and scary) shows up.  The scary alien kills the good one.


The good alien is revealed to be the one behind the mission, who caused the illusion that Earth had been destroyed, all to see how they would react.  How many millions of dollars were spent on a mission to run this experiment?


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