World’s Finest 242 – the Super-Sons end


World’s Finest 241 (Dec. 76) had the first Super-Sons story I ever read.  Ironically, it was also the final story of the strip.


Haney, Ernie Chan and Calnan serve up this story. The Super-Sons continue their voyage across the country, and wind up in a western ghost town, from which no one can emerge.  They are set upon by immortal gunslingers, who kill anyone who wanders into the town.


Lots of fun action, with the powerless heroes learning the situation as they struggle to survive.  They come to the aid of a young female hitchhiker, but the cover gives away that she is not what she seems.


Love Batman Jr’s challenge to the rifleman, to shoot out the spades from a deck of cards, which empties the rifle, and leaves Batman Jr free to attack.


They defeat the gunslingers, as well as Susie and her bullwhip.  Superman Jr finds that when he stands on a grave, the soil for which was brought from another land, he regains his powers.  Using that as a springboard, he flies everyone out, but the westerners are now just skeletons.

Though this is the last Super-Sons adventure, they do feature in another issue coming up in a couple of years.


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