World’s Finest 247 – Superman and Batman vs Superman’s hunchbacked brother, Black Canary and Green Arrow captured by Moreau, Vigilante vs the Dummy, and Wonder Woman vs Baron Blitzkrieg


Superman uber alles on the cover of World’s Finest 247 (Oct/Nov 77).


Haney, Schaffenberger and Blaisdel conclude the story of the Hunchbacked brother of Superman in this issue.  It takes a while, but the two finally meet and spar in Washington DC, using various elements of the capitol in their battle.


The Hunchback appears to kill Superman, but he survives (of course).  As this is all going on, Batman does an investigation into the supposed brother, and the man who first learned of him.  He figures out that the brother is really the Parasite, having drained all of Superman’s energy in their first encounter.  They rig statues of Jor-El and Lara to draw it back.

A good surprise ending, at least.


The Black Canary story continues with Dinah dealing with the animal men, as she fights off a wolf man while still in her towel, thanks to Conway and Sal Amendola.


Gotta give credit to the use of the sonic waves to both reveal and conceal in the fight scene.


Black Canary does make it to the big mastermind behind the transformations, but gets captured.


Which means that Green Arrow’s story, also by Conway and Amendola, has him coming to her rescue. To be fair, it also pulls together the Slingshot plotline with this one.


And Green Arrow gets captured by Moreau as well.  Great visuals on the character, and you gotta love that he even cites Welles as his inspiration.  Awesome death -trap, and a perfectly tragic ending as the animal man sacrifices itself to kill Moreau and destroy the lab.


Another intense Vigilante chapter, by Kunkel and Morrow.  We learn how the Dummy played on his size to convince the prison guards that he had mentally regressed to childhood, then made his break.


We see Stuff’s corpse one more time in this story, still with the noose around his neck.  Vigilante is out for the kill.


But his rage makes him sloppy, and he falls into the Dummy’s trap, getting framed for murder.

The story concludes in the next issue.


Wonder Woman’s battle with Baron Blitzkrieg concludes in this Conway, Delbo and Coletta story.


Wonder Woman prevents Blitzkrieg from killing Churchill, and does an impressive job with her lasso against German jets.  Blitzkrieg gets away, but Wonder Woman has a hint of his plans.


She winds up running into Mademoiselle Marie, a regular guest star in DC war comics in the 70s, and leader of the French Resistance.  At first she believes Wonder Woman is working with the Nazis, apparently not able to recognize the US flag all over her costume.


But Marie eventually gets it, and as she leads her men to sabotage the Nazis, Wonder Woman confronts Blitzkrieg.  When he uses his energy as an eye beam attack, Wonder Woman uses her bracelets to reflect it back at the Baron.

Baron Blitzkrieg appears next the following year in the Superman vs Wonder Woman special.



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