World’s Finest 265 – Robin trapped in a magic land, Green Arrow delivers a rose, Hawkman helps some aliens, Red Tornado begins, and King Kull and Mr. Atom plot to destroy the world


Robin joins Superman and Batman for the first time since the book expanded to Dollar Comic size in World’s Finest 265 (Oct/Nov 80), in a story by Cary Burkett, Ric Estrada and Dick Giordano.


Superman and Batman each see visions of Robin being magically tormented.  Comparing notes, they realize he has been taken to the magical realm that the heroes visited waaay back in the second issue of Justice League of America, twenty years earlier.  Merlin appears, giving the heroes guidance, and explaining that Robin is in the hands of Simon Magus, who had been the villain in the Justice League story as well.


It’s a pretty straightforward story, really.  The heroes split up to search for Simon Magus, and re-unite when they find him.


Robin gets to save himself, thankfully.  This is Robin’s last appearance before the creation of the New Teen Titans.


Haney, Von Eeden and Jimmy Janes provide an enjoyable, if a bit old-fashioned, Green Arrow story.  Dinah is back running her slower shop, and receives a mysterious order to deliver a rose to the grave of a woman long dead, with people trying to prevent the delivery.


Oliver unravels this very film noir story, which has to do with twin brothers, an impersonation, an old land deal and a plot to get rich by bankrupting the city.


Hawkman deals with more aliens in this story, by deMatteis, Landgraf and Gil.  As before, the art is what carries this tale.  DeMatteis’ story is not bad, but a bit heavy handed.  Hawkman is called up by the Sacerdotes, arrogant pacifists who want him to stop terrorists from attacking them.


Hawkman succeeds, only to have the Sacerdotes kill the entire ship of enemies.  Neither side is truly “good” in this story, and Hawkman regrets ever getting involved.


Red Tornado begins his very first ongoing series, by deMatteis, Delbo and DeMulder.  This first chapter is really a long recap of the character.  The story covers his origin, built by T.O. Morrow as part of a plot to destroy the Justice Society.


The story goes on to cover his first apparent death, as he moved from Earth-2 to Earth-1, and getting used by T.O. Morrow again, as he joined the Justice League.  His second death and revival are briefly covered as well.


It ends as we discover that the narrator of the tale is a transformed T.O. Morrow.  The story does forget about Morrow’s appearance in Super-Team Family, but a later issue of Justice League of America will rectify the apparent contradictions between that appearance and this one.


Captain Marvel continues his battle against Mr. Mind’s Monster Society of Evil, as he and Captain Marvel Jr join forces against King Kull and Mr. Atom.


Bridwell, Newton and Chiaramonte remain the creative team.  King Kull is really the active villain in this story, using Mr. Atom as a power source as he uses a machine he created to reverse the Earth’s topography, sinking the land and raising the seas.  Billy and Freddy get captured and gagged, but get free and stop the pair of villains.


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