World’s Finest 266 – Superman and Batman face Lady Lunar, Green Arrow on a flagpole, Red Tornado saves the kid, Hawkman in the sewer, and Sivana’s spaceship


Burkett, Buckler and Smith create a sequel to the classic Moon Man story in World’s Finest 266 (Dec/Jan 80/81), as they introduce Lady Lunar.


Lady Lunar first appears at a STAR Labs exhibition on space travel, demonstrating the magnetic powers as the Moon Man.


Superman and Batman visit Brice Rogers, and determine that he has no connection to this new manifestation.  From here on, the story becomes primarily a mystery, as the heroes try to figure out who Lady Lunar really is.


The clues appear to point to Jenet Klyburn, the head of STAR Labs, a regular supporting character in the Superman books.  Batman heads to her place, only to find that Klyburn is a captive of Lady Lunar.  The real identity of Lady Lunar is Stacy Macklin, a NASA astronaut who was a supporting character in Wonder Woman for a while, last seen about a year earlier.  As with Moon Man, the split personality and the powers eventually wear off.

But unlike Moon Man, Stacy is not permanently cured. She returns as Lady Lunar, though only in a cameo, in Crisis on Infinite Earths.


Haney, Von Eeden and Rodin Rodriguez pull an interesting variation on the secret identity storyline, as Green Arrow proves to editor George Taylor that he is not really Oliver Queen.  As Green Arrow he is breaking a record for flagpole sitting for charity, while still submitting his columns as Oliver Queen.  Taylor keeps watch on him 24 hours a day.


Oliver and Dinah have a very complex plan in store, where she gives him information about current events, and he cues her on what to write for his column, all done in plain view.


It’s a lot more fun than most versions of this kind of story, and shows some real cleverness.


And though Taylor gets all the evidence he needs that Oliver and Green Arrow are not the same person, he still won’t believe it.


Red Tornado moves into a slum neighbourhood in this chapter of his series, by deMatteis, Delbo and DeMulder.  Kathy Sutton, his sometime girlfriend from Justice League is in this story, although Traya is oddly absent.


Red Tornado finds himself dealing with a teenager on some heavy drugs, and her negligent mother, who is presumably a prostitute.


Even when I was young, I thought this a very odd world to put the Red Tornado into, although I could guess that the point was to emphasize his humanity, despite being an android.  TO Morrow only cameos, but attacks him at the end of the story.


Rozakis, Landgraf and Rodriguez begin a Hawkman story arc that will finally bring him back to events and characters from his Showcase run.  It’s funny, when I think of his run in World’s Finest, the upcoming stuff is all I remember.  Yet his series ran for quite a few issues before really taking flight.


Hawkman and Hawkgirl wind up in the sewer system, investigating and battling a giant bug.


As the story ends, the heroes are really not sure if the bug monster they defeated was an aberration, or part of a larger mutation.  But the reader sees another huge insect as the story closes, letting us know there is more to come.


Bridwell, Newton and Joe Giella bring the Monster Society of Evil storyline to its penultimate chapter.  Captain Marvel faces Sivana and Ibac, although as has become typical in this storyline, only Sivana really does anything.  Ibac is just along for the ride.


Sivana has built a number of spaceships, all resembling his own head.  He intends to overpower Captain Marvel simply by sheer force of numbers, but he outdoes Sivana with a well placed pool shot that takes out all the ships.



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