World’s Finest 270 – Superman and Batman vs Metallo, Count Vertigo wants his crown, Hawkgirl vs the Shadow Thief, Red Tornado vs the Robot Killer, and Captain Marvel vs alien concepts of beauty


Metallo takes on Superman and Batman in World’s Finest 270 (Aug. 81), in a story by Conway, Buckler and Tanghal.


Metallo had appeared only a couple of months earlier in the Brave and the Bold, and escapes from prison at the start of this story.  He has had his minions create an artificial black hole, at his command, which he uses to power his body, along with the good ole kryptonite.  Kryptonite is actually the power source for the black hole.


Nevertheless, he proves pretty easy to handle.  Even his own men warn him about exposing the black hole, that it could consume him.  Which it does. Superman and Batman just had to wait it out.

Metallo takes a few years to escape from this, it seems, as he does not return until three years down the road, in the pages of Blue Devil.


Count Vertigo makes a much more impressive return, in a story by Haney, Von Eeden and Smith.  He demands the return of the crown of Vlatava, and holds an office building as hostage.


Green Arrow finds it much harder to deal with Vertigo this time, who has improved his reality warping device.  And Arrow also seems somewhat convinced by Vertigo’s arguments that the crown, currently in the possession of the US government, for some reason, is rightfully his.


Green Arrow delivers the crown to Count Vertigo, who promptly destroys it.  An unusual ending, which begs a continuation, although it takes a couple of issues to come, as the next issue is a full length Superman/Batman tale.


Hawkman gets solo billing on this Rozakis, Saviuk and Rodriguez story, even though Hawkgirl gets most of the action.  Hawkman is still recovering from the poisoning, and Hawkgirl tries to navigate the ship away from the oncoming Thanagarian fleet.


Matters get complicated by the Shadow Thief, now working for Hyathis, out to help her capture the Hawks in return for being made the ruler of Earth after the Thanagarians conquer it.  The Shadow Thief had last appeared in the Hawkman run in Showcase.


Hawkman is more useful than in the previous tale, as he constructs the prism trap that the Shadow Thief gets stuck in.


The Red Tornado begins a two-part story in this issue, by Conway, Delbo and Giella.


Most of this issue deals with the villain, the Robot Killer. He hates automation, and spends the story attacking and destroying the kind of robots that function in factories.  The kind that don’t fight back.  Only at the climax of the tale does he come face to face with Red Tornado.


I was going to skip over the Captain Marvel story in this issue.  Bridwell, Newton and Larry Mahlstedt weave a decent little tale, but hardly a notable one.


Captain Marvel encounters a boy kidnapped and transformed by aliens.  He finds the alien race, and discovers that they thought they were improving the boy, making him attractive like them.  At Marvel’s request, they change him back.


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