World’s Finest 276 – Superman and Batman vs Dr. Double X, Green Arrow in a prison riot, Zatanna faces a demonic audience, Hawkman vs Weather Wizard, and Captain Marvel fights alongside ghosts


Barr, Buckler and Smith bring back a Batman villain not seen in almost twenty years in World’s Finest 276 (Feb. 82).


Dr. Ecks has been sitting in Arkham Asylum for many years, until he finally decide to stick a finger in a socket and split off his energy self, Dr. Double X.  Superman tries to prevent his escape, but fails.


Dr. Double X devises a revenge scheme on both Superman and Batman.  He captures Batman, and hooks him to a chair connected to an energy chamber that he lures Superman into.  Whatever power Superman uses gets channeled into the chair, which Double X intends will kill Batman.  It would work, except of course Batman escapes.

It’s a pretty simple story, but better than many of Dr. Double X’s outings.  He returns a year down the road in Brave and the Bold.


Excellent art, and a pretty darn good story in this Green Arrow tale by Barr, Von Eeden and Mahlstedt.  Oliver Queen is still in prison when a riot breaks out.


Oliver has spotted Slingshot, also a prisoner there, heading very determinedly during the riot, and realizes that his former target is also in the prison.  He puts together some rudimentary archery gear, wraps a handkerchief around his face, and goes into action.


He beats Slingshot, despite being out of practice.  And again, nice that this does not resolve his imprisonment.


Zatanna has yet another show go wrong thanks to Kupperberg and Spiegle.  So many of her solo stories begin with something going terribly wrong during a performance, it’s a wonder she still gets an audience.


In this case, demonic creatures emerge, attacking both her and the audience.  An old stage magician is there, and there is a delightful scene as he uses some slight of hand on a little monster.


But the demons take Jeff through a portal, and Zatanna has no choice but to follow, finding a shadowy version of herself.


Hawkman continues to hunt for Hawkwoman in this story, by Rozakis, Carmine Infantino and Rodriguez.


Mavis Trent is still on the make big time, but Carter cares only for Shiera.


His battle with Weather Wizard, while not bad, feels a bit like filler to round out the story.


We finally get to meet the mysterious brother of Joan Jameson, Billy Batson’s secretary, in this Bridwell, Newton and Adkins tale.  He has aged, as he was not trapped in the Suspendium, and has been working as a mercenary, to his sister’s dismay.


But when a horde of magical being attack the city, so many that even with the aid of Captain Marvel Jr and Mary Marvel, they are almost over-matched, the brother goes into action, along with a number of his soldier buddies. It is only when the battle is done and the magic creatures have fled that he realizes that some of the friends that showed up died long ago.



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4 thoughts on “World’s Finest 276 – Superman and Batman vs Dr. Double X, Green Arrow in a prison riot, Zatanna faces a demonic audience, Hawkman vs Weather Wizard, and Captain Marvel fights alongside ghosts

  1. netministrator June 12, 2015 at 5:26 am Reply

    While Heck definitely isn’t close to the best artist around… Infantino at this point was also a far cry from his 60’s version before become top brass at DC. His line work is as sloppy if not sloppier than Heck.


    • ultraboy8888 June 12, 2015 at 11:36 am Reply

      I completely agree about Infantino in this era. But Rodriguez’s inks seem to improve his pencils on this story. Not great, but better than his stuff in other books from this time.


  2. netministrator June 12, 2015 at 5:47 am Reply

    What’s with Hawkman and Mavis’ hair color changing with each issue? This issue they are black, next they are auburn? Huh?


    • ultraboy8888 June 13, 2015 at 3:52 am Reply

      Hawkman’s hair was never consistent. Not only did it change colour, but it also varied from straight to curly. I liked to imagine that Carter enjoyed dyeing and perming it.


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