World’s Finest 284 – The Legion vs the Composite Superman, and Green Arrow ends


Burkett and Tuska conclude the Composite Superman story in World’s Finest 284 (Oct. 82), as the Legion of Super-Heroes join Superman and Batman against this new, and old, enemy.


Superman explains the situation to the Legion, and a group of them travel back in time with him to confront the foe who has many of their powers.  Wildfire was not around when the original Composite Superman was created, and severely underestimates him.


Batman has deduced that the new Composite Superman must be Xan, the one who turned Joe Meach into a villain for his second outing.  Xan travelled back in time, to before Superman destroyed the statues that gave Meach his powers, in order to give himself the same abilities.  In perhaps the worst moment of the story, Xan decides to change his look, and name, apparently thinking that Amalagamx sounds better, and that a generic outfit would be more impressive.  It’s not.


Still, it is fun to see the various Legionnaires contend with someone who has many of their powers.  In the end, it is Princess Projectra who brings the victory, as they con Xan into thinking he has contracted the same fatal plague that killed his father, Projectra creating the illusion of the plague’s markings on his body.  He agrees to submit to the Legion if they will cure him, and they just toss him in prison instead.

Not as good as it could have been, but worth it to see the Composite Superman one last time.

The next time we see a version of the Composite Superman it is a rocket ship, in an early issue of Superman/Batman, shortly after the millenium.


Green Arrow’s series comes to an end here with a story by Barr and Spiegle.  As much as I loved Trevor Von Eeden’s art on this run, I have to give Speigle credit for this beautifully rendered story.  Even Clock King’s costume looks…well…about as good as it possibly could.


The story is pretty simple, with an old man who owns a grandfather clock, and believes that he will die when the clock stops.  Clock King and his gang bust in to rob the man, and the clock gets damaged in the fight, and stops.


The old man keels over, but Green Arrow revives him, before taking down Clock King.

Green Arrow’s series moves to Detective Comics, while Clock King next appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths.



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2 thoughts on “World’s Finest 284 – The Legion vs the Composite Superman, and Green Arrow ends

  1. netministrator June 13, 2015 at 10:44 pm Reply

    Now Tuska is an artist I sincerely cannot stand. He always gives his characters such goofy teethy grins and unnatural looks. yuck


  2. ultraboy8888 June 13, 2015 at 11:08 pm Reply

    bad hairstyles, too


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