World’s Finest 287 – Batman possessed


Burkett is joined by Trevor Von Eeden for this chapter of the two Zodiacs, in World’s Finest 287 (Jan. 83).


Batman spends a lot of this story trying to fight off the possession of the dark god invoked by Madam Zodiac.  Robin is the first to notice, but he has no luck standing up to Batman.  Superman fares a bit better, but neither hero is able to break the spell over him.


Dr. Zodiac, who was really just a small time con artist and thief, is getting very distressed about Madam Zodiac’s plans, and finds himself now just another pawn in her game.


Some excellent art by Von Eeden, who shows his versatility with this issue.  The style he uses really works for a magic based tale.

The story ends with Batman completely under the control of the dark god.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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