World’s Finest 293 – Null and Void debut


A new villain duo is introduced by David Anthony Kraft, Adrian Gonzales and Tony de Zuniga in World’s Finest 293 (July 1983), Null and Void.


Although this is their first appearance, we discover that this pair of men have been successful criminals for many years.  Much like the 1940s heroes TNT and Dyna-Mite, Null and Void gain their powers by touching their hands together, linking their tattoos.  Null has the power to remove people’s senses, while Void’s powers are less clear, but involve teleportation, moving things from one hand to another, and he can also induce pain, somehow.


Most of the recent issues have had a lot of conversation between Batman and Superman, comparing their differences, but building their bond of friendship.  In this issue, Superman is setting up a public display of trophies from his Fortress of Solitude, with Batman’s help.


Null and Void decide to rob the exhibit, and are intrigued by one small piece, an object with no explaining plaque, which they figure must be extremely valuable.  Null makes life difficult for Superman, removing his senses, while Void fights with Batman.


The villains almost get away. They think they do, for a brief time.  The heroes catch up to them, and retrieve the stolen item, which turns out to be a locket containing a picture of Lara, Superman’s mother.

Null and Void return a few issues down the road.



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