World’s Finest 296 – The Pantheon debut


After many issues showing how much Superman and Batman care about each other, the two are now working separately, due to Batman’s departure from the Justice League, and his creation of the Outsiders.  As a result, though both heroes are involved in the story in World’s Finest 296 (Oct. 83), by Kraft, Ross Andru and Mike DeCarlo.


Batman is investigating a mysterious theft from a museum, in which the thieves destroyed a number of objects to conceal which one they actually took.


Superman’s side of the story takes him all around the world, dealing with disasters and crises erupting far more frequently than normal.


Batman winds up tracking down and battling with the Pantheon, a number of unusual appearing super-powered villains, who take their names from the Greek alphabet. He goes up against Delta, Epsilon and Mu in this issue.


Superman’s plotline brings him to Mt. Ossa, where he finds an unusual growth, the Cosmic Tree.

The story continues in the next issue.


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