World’s Finest 297 – the creation of Zeta


David Anthony Kraft is joined by Gene Colan and Robert Smith for the second chapter of the Cosmic Tree story, in World’s Finest 297 (Nov. 83).


Superman tries to check out the odd, crystalline tree, but winds up bringing out more members of the Pantheon, which he winds up fighting.


Batman is the one to learn more about it, although he doesn’t realize it at the time.  The museum robbery’s goal was an unusual diamond, which seems to be alive.  It has the ability to revive and re-create life, but not in a happy kind of way.  More like Pet Sematery.


The two heroes finally come together as this issue ends, both facing the Pantheon, who are humans transformed by the living diamonds.  The Pantheon are working to create the most powerful member of their group, Zeta, and intend to use Superman as the basis for it.

The story continues in the next issue.



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