World’s Finest 298 – Superman and Batman vs Zeta


Superman and Batman find themselves prisoners of the Cosmic Tree in World’s Finest 298 (Dec. 83), by Kraft, Sal Amendola and Steve Mitchell.


The Cosmic Tree, the basis for the living diamonds, uses Superman to draw energy from to create Zeta, the most powerful of the Pantheon.  Zeta spends much of this issue on a god-like rampage.


Batman attempts to get to the Batplane, hoping to get help, but the Tree causes time displacement, and he winds up in the prehistoric era.  He has no choice but to return to Zeta and the Tree.


Though they cannot beat Zeta with sheer power, Superman and Batman convince the giant creature that it is not putting its abilities to the best possible use.  Realizing the truth of their words, Zeta undoes his murderous acts.  Zeta enters the Cosmic Tree, and vanishes.  Superman and Batman realize they have to follow it.

The story continues in the next issue.


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