World’s Finest 304 – the origin of Null and Void


Null and Void return in World’s Finest 304 (June 1984), in a story by Kraft, Steve Lightle and Sal Trapani.


The story begins with the trial of Void, a humiliating affair in which both Superman and Batman are ridiculed on the stand, and the fact that the stolen object was a “worthless” locket combines to make the judge rule in favour of the accused.  We rarely see the trials of Superman’s or Batman’s foes in the comics, and this is likely the reason why, as well as the reason they never seem to serve long prison terms.


The story delves into the pasts of Null and Void.  Both escaped from a Nazi prison camp, and wound up finding an ancient civilization.  They were forced to undergo a ritual that gave them the tattoos, which endowed them with the powers they have.


Now, a strange black of ice, apparently containing statues, with the same markings as their tattoos, has been discovered.  Bruce Wayne tosses some funding towards it, and Clark Kent gets assigned to cover the discovery, but Null and Void head down to Costa Rica as well, to see what the connection is.


Superman heads down under the water to examine the spot the ice was found at, and comes across two more figures, also encased.


Void “steals” the ice block on the ship, simply by teleporting it away.  He teleports Superman along with it.

The story continues in the next issue.


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