World’s Finest 307 – Superman & Batman, Null &Void, Swordfish & Barracuda


Kraft, Rozakis and Von Eeden conclude the Null and Void/Swordfish and Barracuda storyline in World’s Finest 307 (Sept. 84).


X’Ult, the evil pirate, had long been in love with Barracuda, and wants to bring her back to life to be his.  But Swordfish longs for her as well.


Batman, Null and Swordfish are all thrown into prison cells by X’ult, although Batman gets them all free.


Superman is battling with X’ult, while Batman faces off against Void again.  You can kind of tell this story is not one I find really enthralling, despite Von Eeden’s art.


X’Ult revives Barracuda, just as Superman destroys X’Ult’s pirate ship, which sends the pirate, as well as Swordfish and Barracuda, back into the past.


This also has the result of stripping Null and Void of their powers.  Null is eager to confess his crimes, if only to ensure that Void gets imprisoned as well.  Really, Null and Void, as well as Swordfish and Barracuda, are interesting characters, but the story was far too long for it’s content.


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