World’s Finest 310 – Superman and Batman meet Sonik


A new hero gets introduced in World’s Finest 310 (Dec. 84), in a story by Joey Cavalieri, with excellent art by Stan Woch and Rick Magyar.


Will Parker grew up in the slums, but got a college degree.  He volunteers at a youth centre, which a local gangster is planning to buy and shut down.  The kids tend to look up to the hoods, and Parker decides they need a better role model.  Using his technical knowledge, he creates some sound-based devices and a costume, calling himself Sonik.


His first outing does not go so well. Batman is after the gangster, and Sonik’s attempt to help simply gets both of them caught.  They are placed into a pretty good death-trap, under a bus, but Batman gets them free.  What is Superman doing all this time?  Protecting a foreign diplomat from assassination.  The stories actually are connected, as the mob runs an assassin for hire service.


Superman does show up at the end, helping Batman and Sonik take down the head of the mob.  Sonik reveals his identity to the kids.  No point in being a hero if they don’t understand that he is one of them.  In a nice closing touch, Bruce Wayne buys the building, creating a much better youth centre.

Sonik returns later in the year.


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