World’s Finest 311 – the Monitor gives a young boy access to Superman’s computer


Cavalieri, Woch and Marcos have a lot of fun in World’s Finest 311 (Jan. 85), one of the only issues from the final year of this series that I enjoy.


The Monitor and Lyla, last seen observing the Legion of Super-Heroes, set their sights on Batman and Superman in this story, wondering how they would react if someone gained access to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.


Rather than give this to some established or aspiring villain, the Monitor hooks up a young boy’s computer to the one in the Fortress.  He believes that he has accessed some new type of game, and has no idea of the trouble that he is causing.  Even more entertaining is the boy’s mother, who has no appreciation of anything that is going on during the story.


Superman finds himself battling his animals from his interplanetary zoo, as well as his own constructs, including robots he had created for a kryptonite fuel project.  Seeing the chaos, Batman traces the link to Superman’s computer.


The boy has just begun to figure out that he is not playing a game, when Batman tracks him down.  The boy’s oblivious mother has no idea who Batman is, and when she asks if he is one of the kid’s friends from the “scoutaree” I still laugh.

At the end of the story, the Monitor contacts a newbie team of villains, the Network, and provides them with tech.  The Network will dominate much of the rest of this year, but despite some lovely art by Alfredo Alcala, and another appearance by the Monitor and Lyla in issue 314, I’m skipping over all of that.


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