World’s Finest 318 – Sonik returns


Sonik makes a really disappointing return in World’s Finest 318 (Aug. 85), in a story by Cavalieri, Delbo and Alfredo Alcala.


After an attempted murder of a rock star during a concert, at which Sonik goes into action, he winds up more or less drafted into becoming the man’s bodyguard.  So much for being a hero of the streets.  Superman and Batman spend the issue dealing with other problems, as Cavalieri does his best to create a through-line in this last year of tales, but that just leaves Sonik stuck in a milieu that is not his.


The only scene that stands out does so for sheer silliness, as Sonik is forced to waterski down a looped ramp into a pool, just for the rock star’s amusement.


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