Superman 3 – Lois Lane schemes to be a reporter


Superman 3 (Winter 1940) contains a mix of reprints.  Two of the stories are from early issues of Action Comics, and two are recut and coloured newspaper strips.


The second of the newspaper reprints, by Siegel, Shuster and Cassidy, takes place right after the boxer story from the previous issue, as Clark Kent gets promoted for his story on the man, while George Taylor demotes Lois Lane back to the lovelorn column, to her fury.  Jimmy Olsen, not named, makes a cameo in this story.


When a woman comes to the Daily Star to get advice about her husband, who she has learned is working with a jewel smuggling ring, Lois spots her way back to full reporter status.  She accepts a date with Clark, but insists that they go to the club where the smugglers hang out.  She flirts and dances with them, and finds evidence to back up the unhappy wife’s story.


But the smugglers get wise to Lois, and plan to kill her.  Superman demonstrates his whole “faster than a speeding bullet” thing, diving in front of it and saving her.

Lois heads back to the paper, triumphantly presenting Taylor with her story on the smugglers, only to find that Clark has already had his version printed in the early edition.

There are inconsistencies with Lois Lane’s role at the paper in these early stories.  Sometimes she is a full reporter, sometimes a lovelorn columnist struggling to be one.



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