Superman 7 – the D.A.’s wife gets murdered, and Superman goes after the Black Gang


Perry White makes his debut in the stories contained in Superman 7 (Nov/Dec 40).


Siegel and Shuster are joined by Wayne Boring in the first story in this issue, which sees a new district attorney in Metropolis, determined to bring down three racketeers.


Perry White is only seen from behind in this first tale, as he sends Lois and Clark out to interview the new prosecutor, Lash.


Lash gets captured and drugged by the mobsters, who murder his wife, and frame him for it.  Superman demonstrates another not-to-last power, super-hearing that allows him to hear radio waves.  If not for the insistence of the narration that that is what is occurring, one could easily believe Superman’s normal super-hearing picked up the broadcast from another radio.

Aside from this, it’s a pretty standard tale, although Superman gets the killer to confess simply by psyching him out, making him believe he stood in poison ivy.


The Morning Pictorial features in the fourth story in the issue, with the same creative team.


Perry White is seen from the front in this story, and has a much lower view of the Pictorial than his predecessor, George Taylor.


The Black Gang, named for the hoods they wear, have been robbing wealthy citizens.  Lois and Clark go undercover as Oklahoma millionaires, in an attempt to lure them into action.  Lois goes blonde for the story, and convinces Clark to go without his glasses.  He is frightened that she will realize he is Superman, but Lois never makes that connection, instead remarking on how good looking Clark is without them.


The society columnist of the Pictorial turns out to be a member of the Black Gang, getting the lowdown on wealthy citizens and visitors, marking them for the Gang.  But of course Superman rounds them all up.


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