World’s Finest 323 – World’s Finest ends


Cavalieri, Delbo and Alcala bring World’s Finest Comics to an end with issue 323 (Jan. 86).  It would have been great to have a strong final issue.  The cover certainly conveys that possibility.  But it was not to be.


Instead we get another villain sent out by the Power Broker.  Nightwolf is not without interest, commanding ghostly wolves, whose supernatural nature makes Superman vulnerable to them.


Batman goes into detective mode, determining who Nightwolf is, and then disguising himself as the young man’s mentor, in order to get close enough to remove his magical power source.


Towards the end there is a good scene, as Batman bitches out Superman for rushing headlong into things, without taking the time to learn all he can about the situation.


So the last couple of pages do bring the series to some sort of closure.

World’s Finest was cancelled as a direct result of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the creation of the post-Crisis universe, in which Batman and Superman did not begin as friends.

Starting in 1990, there would be a number of miniseries to use the name World’s Finest, all of which featured Superman/Batman team-ups, though the next ongoing series to do so would take the name Superman/Batman.  It was not until the New 52 that World’s Finest would become an ongoing series again.


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