Superman 12 – Luthor’s island of giant beasts


Superman marches arm in arm with soldiers on the cover of Superman 12 (Sept/Oct. 41), although the US was not yet at war.


In the fourth story of this issue, by Siegel and John Sikela, Lois and Clark find merit in an old man’s story about giant animals on Baracoda Island, even though Perry White thinks the tale is a lot of hokum.


They head out to the island, along with a famous explorer, and the submarine voyage out there faces perils even before the giant octopus attacks.  There are giant beasts on the island, but the one behind it all is kept a secret until the last few pages of the story.


This matches the pattern of the last story to feature Luthor, keeping his involvement hidden until the climax.  And as before, though Superman stops his plan and rescues the people from him, Luthor appears to die, but this is by no means certain.


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