Superman 8 – Superman battles giants


Three of the stories in Superman 8 (Jan/Feb. 41) see Superman fighting against threats that pose no real challenge for him: spies, crooked carnival game owners, and morphine pushers.  Only in the first story, by Siegel and Cassidy, does Superman fight someone on his own level.


Professor Zee (clearly not the Professor Zee who is Per Degaton’s boss in Justice Society stories), is a mad scientist in the classic mode, who develops an enlarging formula, and uses it to create giants, who serve as his minions.


Zee has great plans for himself, using his giants to get his way.  He has them kidnap the governor and his daughter, and later Lois Lane as well.  Cause you just can’t be a Superman villain without kidnapping Lois Lane.


And though Superman does triumph in the end, his battles with the giants are far more dynamic and enjoyable than pitting him against mere mortals.


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