Superman 13 – Superman battles the Light, the Archer, and invaders from underground


Not quite a swastika, but I imagine that everyone who bought Superman 13 (Nov/Dec 41) read the cover as if they were Germans.


The first story in the issue, by Siegel and Nowak, has a villain, the Light, whose minions are armed with advanced “light guns,” which temporarily blind people.  They attempt to kidnap a senator, but Superman stops them.


Later, the Light sends his men to kidnap Lois and Clark. Superman does not try to fight back, wanting to confront the Light himself.


The Light’s weapons are strong enough to take control of Superman’s mind, and he sends him on a destructive spree.


Lois helps break the spell over Superman, who unmasks the Light, revealing him to be Luthor.  It’s a bit of a disappointment, the Light was impressive as a villain in his own right, but it follows the pattern of revealing Luthor in the last couple pages of the story.

Supposedly Luthor returns next in Action 42, but as I wrote when I covered that story, I believe that Luthor’s real next appearance is in the next issue of this book.


Jimmy Olsen gets his first real role in the second story in this issue, by Siegel and Nowak.  This is also the first time the character gets named, though only his first name is mentioned.


Jimmy expresses his desire to become a reporter, but Perry White brushes the boy off, telling him to wait until he is older.  Meanwhile, a new villain has emerged on the scene, the Archer.  He tries to kill Lois and Clark, cutting their brake lines. Sergeant Casey pops up again in this tale as well.


Lois intercepts a message between the Archer and one of his henchmen, and tries to find the villain on her own.  But Jimmy Olsen, as eager to be a full reporter as Lois is, tags along.  The two of them wind up hunted by the Robin Hood-themed killer.

Superman saves the day and captures the Archer.  Jimmy will still take a while to become a regular supporting character, but the pattern for him is set by this tale.


Siegel and Sikela have a good story about underground invaders in the fourth story of the issue.


The story is pretty basic, but does have some great visuals.  The underground city is run by a benevolent leader, Tulan.  A rebel has started using their advanced weaponry to attack Metropolis, which is located above them.


Superman stops Kyack, the rebel leader, and Tulan regains control of his people, and they never appear again.



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