Superman 16 – Superman vs Mister Sinister


A very 1940s cover for Superman 16 (May/June 1942).  Although really it’s just the clothes that Lois and Clark wear that sets the time.


Siegel and Sikela give Superman a decent villain in the third story in this issue, Mister Sinister.


Mister Sinister is able to transport buildings, and the people within them, to the fourth dimension.  He uses this to pull off a big blackmail scheme, only bringing back the buildings after being paid off.


Perry White refuses to pay the blackmail, so the Daily Planet building gets transported.  Lois and Perry are threatened with weird, fourth dimensional creatures, so Clark goes into action as Superman to save them.


There is one excellent page of art, with Superman and Mister Sinister fighting in the reality-warping dimension.  Sadly, the tale ends with Sinister getting killed by his own machines.



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