Superman 18 – Luthor’s heat wave


Bombs away on the cover of Superman 18 (Sept/Oct. 42).


Luthor returns in the second story in this issue, submitting Metropolis to a deadly heat wave, thanks to Siegel and Nowak.  Luthor is back to his old, mad genius style, with no trace of his electrical powers.


It’s also not one of his better stories, though he does have a cool base in a meteor orbiting the Earth.  He uses reflecting mirrors to channel the sun’s rays and create the intense heat.


Luthor kidnaps Lois, as if that were somehow needed to get Superman’s attention.  It’s all pretty by the numbers, and once Superman finds the meteor, the end comes quickly.  Still, you gotta love Luthor’s maniacal vow to kill Superman as the story ends.

Luthor returns in a couple of months.


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